Meet Our Enterprising Founder

In this post, we thought we'd put a face to the name and introduce our founder and all-around wrap-making guru, Candice Rafferty. 

She is a native Tasmanian by birth, but Asia-lover by design. Phase I of her journey began in 2000 when she first came to Asia as an exchange student at Peking University in Beijing to learn Chinese (Mandarin). It was love at first sight! She spent the next twelve months travelling extensively around the Middle Kingdom and neighbouring countries in Southeast-Asia as much as she could between studies. 

After that year Candice sadly went home to graduate, but not for long. Sixteen months later she was on a plane heading back to Asia, this time to Vietnam, to start life as a tour guide with Intrepid Travel. This job she undertook for two years, taking her around Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Tibet, Nepal, Mongolia and Russia. After that, she re-settled in my former home, Beijing. Here she stayed for another five years, working in various endeavours, namely as an embassy visa clerk, international school event coordinator, lifestyle magazine editor and international radio DJ. She finally packed her bags to leave in early 2008, just before the Olympics. 

At this point, Candice headed to Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for one year to breathe in the fresh air and let her dog (who only knew the confines of a Beijing apartment block) run free in the forest. But, as ever, the call of Asia was too loud, and 12 months later she found herself back in the East, this time in Bangkok. For the next six years, she worked for two different hotel groups, one small and family-owned (Sukosol), the other a massive international conglomerate (Accor).

Now we enter Phase II, the entrepreneur years… Near the end of 2015, Candice resigned from my position as a social media manager to start my own business – Tassie Pure, a bi-lingual (English/Chinese) online store selling a range of 100% genuine food, beauty, wellness and lifestyle products from my island state, Tasmania. At this juncture she began a new life as a digital nomad, splitting her time between Bangkok and Hobart. Once this venture was up and running, she also diversified to use her considerable writing, editing, digital marketing and social media skills to set up Hooplah Media, a social media consultancy specialising in the hospitality, wellness and hotel sectors. These two ventures are her daily bread so to speak, with Wrappini being the new kid on the block and very much her ‘passion project’. 

With this endeavour Candice wants to use all my knowledge about Asia; marketing, public relations and sales skills; and small business know-how to make a difference and give something back to my community by way of a sustainable and conscientious company. Right now it’s just Candice and one all-around Thai assistance, but we hope soon, with your help, to be able to hire a bigger local team of like-minded people who want an entryway into the world of commerce and CSR. We are passionate about making Wrappini a social enterprise with a difference, both educating people about waste and supplying with them an affordable and efficient solution.