How to Refresh Your Wrap

If your wrappini has been getting a lot of use and is starting to look a tad worse for wear (usually around the 9-12 month mark), don't fret, there are two easy ways to make it as good as new again.

With the occasional refresh, your beeswax wraps should last a long time. Since many people will be personally buying or receiving their wrappini as a gift, and won’t have the experience of making them themselves, it's important to educate about their life-span. I also see sellers promoting them as lasting ‘up to a year’, which implies an expiry on the wrap rather than just the coating. Also, a personal experience – a friend tossed hers after they wore out and only told me afterwards. The truth is that these could and should last an incredibly long time and are nearly endlessly reusable.

1] The simplest way to refresh your wrappini is to pop it into the oven on a sheet of baking paper on low heat (100°C) to re-melt and distribute the wax. This will deal with any creases and cracks that have occurred. When you take it out of the oven, use a plastic spatula or paintbrush to evenly re-spread the wax over the entire surface (only one side necessary as it melts through). 

Note: If the wax has worn off in places, you can sparingly sprinkle some new grated wax on the cotton before you heat the wrap in the oven. 

2] If you want to clean up dirtier looking wrappini, take the opportunity to do a hot soapy wash of the fabric. This may cause some of the wax to come off, which we usually don't recommend, but in this instance it’s okay. After washing, hang the fabric in the hot sun to lift any stubborn stains, then follow the above re-waxing method to give it that final shiny boost.

Note: If the fabric is in an awkward stage between waxed and worn out, it can still be used as a handy (and lightly water resistant) cloth for other things, such as rolling out dough, wrapping flowers, lining shelves, travel storage, etc. For more on this, check out our previous blog – Top 10 Creative Wrap Uses.

And there you have it, refreshing your wrappini is just that simple. By following these simple steps, you'll ensure that your wrap is reusable for a very long time to come.