Protect Your Family with Wraps

The joy of introducing beeswax food wraps into your life is that you'll find they have a myriad of uses. Beyond food storage there a many ways these simple yet effective items can hygenically and safely enhance the life of your family.

First and foremost, the combination of natural beeswax, pure cotton and organic coconut oil is a strong one, the resulting wrap is a breathable, compostable and chemical-free way to protect your food and forgo wasteful single-use plastic. The beeswax makes the wraps waterproof, which means they keep unwanted moisture out of your food. Being coated with coconut oil they also have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral protection, to keep harmful bacteria away from your food. All in all, a super stylish and useful way to keep your food fresher, for longer! Now let's quickly look at the other side of the coin, products made with plastic. 


It seems to be a common theme in history that the things that lead to significant progress and convenience also come with a big price tag; this is particularly true in the case of plastic products and packaging. There is no denying that cheap plastics have made many aspects of food and water distribution much easier, but in parallel with that, they have brought with them their own set of problems. 

Certain chemicals in plastics, like Bisphenol-A (BPA), have gotten a lot of media exposure of late due to their potential health risks. BPA is often added to plastics to make them more durable, but it was once given to animals like cows and chickens to cause them to gain weight before slaughter. BPA is known to disrupt hormones and can mimic the effect of oestrogen in the body, leading to weight gain and hormone imbalance.

Estrogenic chemicals found in many everyday products have been linked to a litany of problems in humans and animals. According to one study, the pesticide atrazine can turn male frogs female. DES, which was once prescribed to prevent miscarriages, caused obesity, rare vaginal tumours, infertility, and testicular growths among those exposed in utero. Scientists have tied BPA to ailments including asthma, cancer, infertility, low sperm count, genital deformity, heart disease, liver problems and ADHD. 


It is widely known that plastics from food packaging can leach into food and enter the body. The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that over 92% of people tested had detectable levels of BPA and other plastic chemicals in their bodies (including newborn babies).

Phthalates are also found in many plastics and in high levels in indoor air. The European Union banned them in 2005 and many other countries have banned them as well. Phthalates are considered to be especially harmful to men and boys, especially those exposed in utero. They are linked to immune system impairment, reduced testosterone, infertility in men and many other problems.

There is also now abundant research that links BPA and phthalate exposure to such human health concerns as deformities of the male and female genitals; premature puberty in females; decreased sperm quality; and increases in breast and prostate cancers, infertility, miscarriages, obesity, type 2 diabetes, allergies and neurological problems, like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.


As our Wrappinis come in such a wide array of colours and styles, we find that the whole family loves them. Mum and dad can choose between simple plain, funky stripes and spots, bold geometric and eye-catching floral patterns, and for the kids, we've got elephants, cars, umbrellas, icecreams, butterflies and more! We really do have a wrap for every taste. 


Besides keeping your food fresh and hygienic, what else can you do with them? Well, quite a lot actually as they come in such a varied array of sizes (small, medium, large). Below is a list of our other favourite uses:


  • Storing fruits and vegetables in your fridge
  • Keep cured meats and cheese fresh
  • Wrapping up a plate/bowl of leftovers
  • Covering a plate/bowl of food (e.g., picnic, bbq)
  • Presenting a bouquet of flowers
  • Covering a pitcher of water/cocktails
  • Lining a draw (e.g., refrigerator, cupboard)
  • Rolling dough (pastry, cookie, tortilla)
  • Keeping items in the freezer
  • Serving fresh bread at a dinner party
  • Keep kids organised (e.g., pens, toys, playdough)
  • Preserving cut fruit/vegetable ends

On the road:

  • Taking a sandwich to work/school
  • Packing a picnic basket with essentials 
  • Travelling with snacks (e.g., trail mix, biscuits, sliced fruit)
  • Taking along potluck food to a friend's house
  • Packing travel items (e.g., toothbrush, soap)
  • Keep track of kids' toys in the car

Have you come up with and other unusual and clever uses?