Top 10 Creative Wrap Uses

Besides being a truly awesome and eco-friendly means to wrap-up and keep fresh your fruit, vegetables and bread, did you know a Wrappini has dozens of other creative uses too? Read on to discover some unusual, clever and inspiring ways to use your wraps...

1] Serving Fresh Bread
Next time you have a dinner party, do not just serve your freshly baked break in a boring old tea towel or plonked on a dull cutting board, wrap it up in a nifty beeswax wrap for a bit of pizzazz and to keep everything nice and warm.

2] Flower Presentation
Next time you’re giving someone a bunch of flowers, why not present them wrapped up in a beautiful Gordo Wrap! The receiver will not only get the lovely bouquet, but also a Wrappini for future use around the home or office; a truly stylish and thoughtful gift.

3] Smart Travelling
When hitting the road, don’t wrap up your bar of soap or toothbrush / toothpaste in a plastic bag or paper towel, instead use a Petito or Medio Wrap to get the job done. When or if it gets dirty, just wash it off and go again!

4] Pitcher Protection
Having an outdoor dinner, BBQ or picnic and don’t want pesky bugs getting in your pitcher of water or sangria, no problem, simply use a Medio wrap to cover the top of your jug / pitcher. And for individual cups / glasses, use a Petito wrap.

5] Nifty Lining
Instead of using toxic plastic or flimsy paper to line a refrigerator drawer or cupboard shelf, use Gordo Wrap instead, for both easy clean-up, waterproofing and non-slippage.

6] Easy Baking
Next time you’re baking, instead of using a mat or flour to roll out your pastry or dough, trying using a Medio or Gordo Wrap instead. Our wraps are perfect for the job as the food won’t stick to them. Made too much, no problem, just wrap up the excess right there in your Wrappini and pop it in the fridge or freezer*.

*Don’t leave your wrap in the freezer for more than 3 weeks at a time.

7] Saving The End
Wraps aren’t just for protecting whole pieces of fruit and vegetable, you can also use any of our wraps to protect the sliced end / half of almost anything – lemon, apple, avocado, melon, cucumber, zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber, block of cheese, etc.

8] Kids’ Organisation
When in the car, at school or visiting friends, keep your children’s items organised by wrapping them up in a safe, secure and easily recognisable Wrappini. That’s right, keep their playing cards, crayons / markers / pencils and even toy soldiers protected.

9] Dish Covering
Next time you attend a BBQ or potluck dinner, instead of covering your salad bowl or casserole dish with plastic wrap or a tea towel (which you’ll inevitably forget to bring home!) instead use a Medio or Gordo Wrap to get the job done – practical and stylish!

10] Food On The Go
Next time you’re going on the road and you want to take along a sandwich, couple of cookies, halves of fruit, slice of cake or trail mix, don’t use a plastic bag or aluminium foil, simple turn your Medio Wrap into a pouch for perfect protection.

Top 10 Creative Wrap Uses - Hooplah Media.png

These are just some of our favourite ways to use a Wrappini; do you have any good ones of your own? We would love to hear them in the Comments section below.